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Local Home Builders  - House Plans

Parent Category: House Plans

A collection of websites that offer house plans, home plans and floor plans that you can buy from architects and home designers when you're thinking of building a home.

House plans often come in the form of a set of construction or working drawings, although these are still sometimes called blueprints.

The principal information provided in set of house plan drawings are as follows:

-- Site plans are drawn to show the location of a home on the property in its context. It is an overhead view of the construction site and the home as it sits in reference to the boundaries of the lot. Site plans should outline location of utility services, setback requirements, easements, location of driveways and walkways, and sometimes even topographical data that specifies the slope of the terrain.

-- A floor plan is an overhead view of the completed house. You'll see parallel lines that scale at whatever width the walls are required to be. Dimensions are usually drawn between the walls to specify room sizes and wall lengths. Floor plans will also indicate rooms, all the doors and windows and any built-in elements, such as plumbing fixtures and cabinets, water heaters and furnaces, etc. Floor plans will include notes to specify finishes, construction methods, or symbols for electrical items.

-- Elevations are a non-perspective view of the home. These are drawn to scale so that measurements can be taken for any aspect necessary. Plans include front, rear and both side elevations. The elevations specify ridge heights, the positioning of the final fall of the land, exterior finishes, roof pitches and other details that are necessary to give the home its exterior architectural styling.

-- A section cuts through the dwelling and the location of this 'cut through' is noted on the floor plan. It describes how the building will be constructed and discusses how the internal finishes are to look. Sections are used because they explain certain conditions in more detail. These conditions may include ceiling height, ceiling type (flat or vault), and window and door dimensions.

Additional information as follows may also be provided:

-- Foundation plan, including dimensions and locations for footings.
-- Framing plan, for wall, including the size of the lumber to be used - usually 2x4 or 2x6.
-- The Sub-floor Plan gives details of how this area will be constructed and how services will be arranged.
-- Roof plans, including type, pitch and framing.
-- Interior elevation drawings (interior walls).
-- Detail drawings, such as built-in shelving, moldings, and columns.
-- Schedules for elements such as windows and doors.
-- Structural layouts.
-- Electrical and telecom drawings: show locations of all the outlets, TV sockets, switches and fixtures. Also indicates which swithces operate which lights, and where the electric lines should be run.
-- Plumbing schematic drawing: plumbing fixtures and piping.

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Are country house plans for you? Most people love the city life because it offers so much excitement. However, there are times when they crave the tranquil surroundings of the countryside. Some people plan to move to the country after their retirement so they can enjoy the natural beauty and peace when they no longer are attracted by life in the fast lane.

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Feng Shui House Plans

Feng Shui house plans can help you have cozy dwellings that emit a distinct aura. The plans are based on a certain type of science that relates the universe and the life of the people. There are different tips and techniques that are used to decorate the house. The science makes use of different energies that originate from materials used to make the housee.

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Finding Hidden Room in Your Existing Home Plans

If you own your own house, you likely want more space. It seems no matter how big or small our families are, we always need more room. Whether it's another bedroom or storage space, there are always enough people and enough stuff to fill a house to the brim. But before you start looking through colonial house plans on a mission to build a bigger home, perhaps you should take a step back and look at your existing space. While building a bigger house would certainly solve your space problems, it w

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Having a Home Plan That is Right For You

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Bungalow House Plans

What does the word bungalow mean for you? When I hear the word bungalow, it conjures up images of a summer camp I used to live next to while growing up in upstate New York. Pods of quaint single level, wide, simply designed houses that offer easy access to major living areas like the living room and dining area. Everything that was needed for day to day living was compacted into these relatively small style homes.

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Different Home Plans For Different People

People are all very different and if we have learned one thing about Americans is that they pride their selves on difference and uniqueness but also desire to fit in and meld into a group. That is really interesting when you think of it because it is kind of backwards. Of course there is always that saying that says that opposites do attract and those two opposite ideas often go together. One thing that can make individuals stand out is the home that they live in and whether that home is or is n

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Life Changing Events - Building New House Plans

Life has a way of changing at the blink of an eye. Let's say one day you are comfortably living your life in a home in Arizona that you purchased some time age and you are enjoying the fact that you are successfully employed at a fortune 20 company. All aspects of you and your family's life look pretty good and stable for some years to come. At least you think.

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The Intelligent Home Plan - How Today's House Plans Can Lower Building Costs

A home plan is a set of construction documents that serve as the "assembly" manual for a new home. There are no standards or laws that require specific information on these drawings so there is a wide variety in the quality of the plans available on the market today. Some plans show only a floor layout and a simple front elevation. Other plans show more details and include accurate dimension lines, construction details and wall cutaways.

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Your House Plans Must Be Ready Before Work Begins

You need to have one thing clear when you decide to build your own home, house plans are an essential part of building a house. If you do not have proper laid out his plans your project is done to be delayed or even doomed. Having proper house plans in place before your project starts ensures that your contractor has all the basic elements in place and knows exactly what they are doing before the build begins.

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Personal Expression is the Key to Enjoying Your House Plans

These days it seems like everything is the same and every home is even the same too. It is hard to tell the difference between one neighbor from the other. You probably feel the same way about yourself as well, thinking that your neighbors cannot remember you from the other neighbors.

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Country Farm Style House Plans For Simple, Enjoyable Living

Simple living means minimizing stress by minimizing the pursuit of conspicuous consumption and wealth for its own sake. The decision for voluntary simplicity is often made for health reasons; as a philosophical or spiritual path; or to increase the amount of quality time which a person has to spend with friends and family. Often the decision is motivated by a desire to save the earth; or by considerations of social justice.

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